– Wawa Survey – Win $500 Gift Card – A customer survey that Wawa offers online at here is designed to determine how satisfied customers are with the products and services provided by the business. Your feedback will be used by the business to improve its offerings, level of customer care, and the general atmosphere within the store. all you need to get started is a legitimate My Wawa visit survey code, which you can find at the bottom of the invoice. To access the questionnaire online, go to and enter this code.

Take Survey - Wawa Survey - Win $500 Gift Card

When you arrive, you’ll be questioned about your experience and given the option to offer feedback on a range of topics, such as customer service, cleanliness, the quality of the cuisine, the environment, and more.

Give Wawa your feedback, and you’ll get paid for your time. Wawa also offers a variety of incentives to those who completed the survey as a way of saying thanks. This covers exclusive offers, free gifts, and more. So don’t pass up this fantastic chance to be recognized for your thoughts. - Wawa Survey - Win $500 Gift Card

Benefits of Taking Part in the Wawa Visit Survey

There are many benefits to doing the Survey, including

Voice Heard: Your suggestions help to improve the Wawa shopping experience for every client.

Improvement: Your suggestions will have an immediate impact on the growth of the store.

Sweepstakes: You have the opportunity to win prizes by participating in the Sweepstakes.

This survey is available online for your convenience. You may share comments on your latest excursion with and receive a $25 gift card in exchange for your time. By ensuring that they are satisfying both your demands as well as that of other customers, Wawa will be able to increase the quality of their customer service.

After completing the survey, you will receive a validation code that may be used to obtain a $25 gift card. So don’t hesitate; to complete my Wawa visit survey right now to take advantage of all its advantages.

Terms & Conditions of Wawa Customer Survey

Take a look at the requirements and rules listed below to complete the Wawa Survey & enter to win a prize.

  • This contest is open to legal citizens of the Fifty of the United States of America and the District of Columbia who are 18 years old or older; representatives, members of their immediate families, and employees of the Wawa Restaurant are not eligible.
  • A valid Wawa purchase receipt is essential.
  • A working phone number and email address are vital.
  • You’ll need a device from the laptop, computer, or smartphone family with a strong internet connection.
  • Language proficiency in either English or Spanish.
  • A maximum of a single entry per participant per month is allowed in the contest.
  • Prizes have to be received in their original form; they cannot be changed.
  • There is no payment option accessible.
  • The winner is accountable for paying all fees.
  • Complete the survey within the promotional period.

How to take the Mywawavisit Survey?

There are the following steps to take the Survey

  • Choose between English and Spanish depending on what you prefer.
  • There are no adjustments necessary if you intend to travel in English.
  • If you prefer to use the Spanish language, click the “Espanol” link.
  • Type in the store number and survey code from your receipt.
  • To start the survey, click START. - Wawa Survey - Win $500 Gift Card


  • Specify the sort of order you are placing and the day and moment of your visit. Select NEXT.
  • Based on your understanding of the current visit, rate your overall satisfaction.
  • Press the NEXT key.
  • Click NEXT after honestly responding to each survey question on a scale from pleased to be
  • dissatisfied.
  • The typical inquiries concern your visit and peace, the staff’s propensity for assistance, client
  • administration, air quality, and administration.
  • In order to join the contest, you must provide personal information such as your name, address,
  • phone number, and email address.
  • To finish the survey, click the NEXT button.

You will afterward receive one entry in the drawing for the sweepstakes at the end of the survey. Wait quietly for the next draw; if you win, someone will get in touch with you using the contact details you supplied.

Tips for Meaningful Feedback on My Wawa Visit Survey

Be Specific: To make your comments more useful, be sure to include specifics about your experience.

Constructive Criticism: If you run into any problems, make recommendations about how to fix them.

Highlight Positives: Don’t forget to highlight any exceptional services or satisfying encounters.


In 1803, Wawa was founded as an iron factory. George Wood, a businessman from New Jersey, relocated to Delaware County, Pennsylvania, in 1890, and there he founded the Wawa Dairy Farm.

Wood purchased 1,000 acres (400 ha) of property in the Chester Heights neighborhood and brought cattle about the British to the island of Guernsey the business headquarters would subsequently be renamed Wawa.

Since pasteurization was currently available, drinking raw milk put many kids at risk of getting sick. However, a lot of customers started purchasing milk from supermarkets rather than having it delivered in the 1960s.

To respond to these market shifts, Wawa began establishing its own retail outlets. The original Wawa Food Market was established on April 16, 1964, by Grahame Wood, and George Wood’s grandson, at 1212 McDade Boulevard in Folsom, Pennsylvania.

It was operating until June 17, 2016, before it was shut down in favor of an upgraded “Super Wawa” that had been built nearby. On opening day, a parade was staged from the old location to the newer store.

The Wawa Food Market locations were also a component of the convenience store, a then-emerging trend in retail. They were open earlier and later than regular supermarkets and sold things from the Wawa dairy as well as other meals and beverages besides milk.

Wawa started using profit-sharing schemes in 1977 to allow workers to share ownership of the business. With the implementation of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 1992, Wawa formalized its associate ownership.

Under the ESOP, stock is annually distributed to colleagues based on their service in the previous year. Due to the fact that the business is not publicly traded, Wawa regularly obtains an independent evaluation of the stock value to make sure the ESOP is maintained equitably. Today, more than 40% of the shares in Wawa come from the ESOP.

My Wawa Visit Customer Online Survey by QR Code

The Wawa VOTC Contest can also be entered without making a retail purchase 

  • Scan the Quick Response code at the participating companies throughout the contest dates.
  • Use your mobile device to access the Wawa survey.
  • Start off by providing details about your most recent encounter.
  • How satisfied are you with Wawa’s goods and customer service?
  • Please be as honest as you can while responding to all survey questions.
  • Once finished, give your contact information.
  • For a chance to win the Wawa Sweepstakes, fill out the survey.
  • That’s it. You will get a free entry into the prize draw for a $25 gift card along with complimentary hoagies for a year.

Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey Prizes & Gift Card

The prizes that the winners will receive are listed below.

Total of Six Grand Prizes (1 per month): The winners will get 52 coupons for Free Classic Hoagies for a Year, Complimentary Hoagies for a Year, and a gift basket filled with Wawa goods. - Wawa Survey - Win $500 Gift Card

300 First Prizes Total of 50 per month: A $75 gift box filled with Wawa products and a $25 gift card.

On the official website, you can find the official rules for the survey and the sponsor’s address. If you have any more questions about the survey, you could write to Wawa, Inc. at 260 West Columbia Pike, Media, PA 19063.

My Wawa Visit Survey Winners

The sponsors are going to conduct random draws from all of the eligible submissions received during the submission period on or around the third day after the entry period closes.

Out of all the eligible entries submitted, 51 winners are going to be selected. After the results are announced, winners will be notified by phone or email.

Additionally, the restaurant chooses five lucky winners every month to get a $75 gift basket filled with Wawa goods in addition to a $25 Wawa gift card.

Providing Ratings & Feedback

Any customer satisfaction survey’s primary goal is to gather input that the business can utilize to improve itself. Therefore they ask a series of questions that will be asked of you in order for you to grade your most recent Wawa experience. Utilize the available inputs to rate different elements of your visit, including the availability of products, service, and cleanliness.

Wawa Customer Service Number and Contact Details

It’s quite easy to participate in the MyWawaVisit Survey. You require a receipt containing a survey code or invitation. If you are unable to access the survey’s official website or don’t have the receipt that came with the invitation for the My Wawa Visit Survey, you can get in touch with the customer service staff. The staff will advise you and assist you in resolving the problems you are having.

Official Website Links

Website of the company:

The Wawa survey website:

Call the customer service team at (800) 444-9292.

Social Media Links




Address for correspondence: 260 West Baltimore Pike, 19063 5699 Wava, Pennsylvania


The website hosts the Customer Satisfaction Survey, which Wawa uses to gauge how satisfied its customers are with its goods and services. Your information will be used by the business to improve its offerings, level of service to customers, and even the ambiance of its stores. It is easier to complete this survey online!

You may share insightful input on your most recent trip to the shop by completing this Wawa survey. In order to make adjustments, the Wawa firm really wants to discover what’s effective and what doesn’t. They will know whatever to keep and what to change once they have an understanding of what works.

Additionally, take part in their drawing for a chance to win a $25 or $500 Wawa gift card! Your opinion counts, and the Survey is a chance for you to have an impact. You help Wawa continue to enhance its services and merchandise by taking part.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to express your opinions and enter the contests for wonderful prizes. You may win Complimentary Hoagies for the year and a gift card worth $25 with just one MyWawaVisit. - Wawa Survey - Win $500 Gift Card FAQs

Answer - You must enter the My Wawa Visit Survey's required information, which includes the receipt programming, date, and the time of your visit (found on your published receipt).  You must also provide your name & a contact phone number.
Answer - Free Hoagies for a Year $25 gift card You may enter Wawa's sweepstakes drawing by completing their customer satisfaction survey. The business chooses lucky winners who will receive a $25 gift card as well as a year of free hoagies.
Answer - Wava shop surveys encourage participation and truthful responses. After reviewing the responses, the firm will pick the winner at random. You'll have a fantastic opportunity to win a gift card in the amount of $500 or other prizes if you're lucky.
Answer - If you're worried about privacy, be assured that the survey's sole purpose is to gather information about customer satisfaction. Your information will only be helpful to the business in improving its services. The business complies with all survey regulations, including the privacy statement.
Answer - Normally, the survey asks questions regarding your visit, the quality of the products, the service you possess, the location's cleanliness, and your overall satisfaction.
Answer - You must have a receipt since it contains a code or invitation for the My Wawa Visit survey. The award information will also be printed exclusively on it.